Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For Fall 2011 HON 1515 Students

For the blogging part of this assignment, you need to create a blog for yourself or use one you already have and make a post to the blog.  There are numerous blogging sites, and you can use any blogging site you want, blogspot.com is an easy one to use. You also have to "reply" or "comment" to this posting on MY blog. Being able to create your own blog and add comments to other people's blogs is an essential 21st century information skill.

This blog was originally designed to chronicle my family life on the farm, but that life is too busy to spend time posting to a blog!  Here is a video of us catching a swarm on the farm early in the summer:

Saturday, March 05, 2011

New this year!

Hi folks!  We are gearing up for another year of growing and going to market along with a few new things.  Pastured poultry is in the experimental stage with a few growing right now and plans to do a larger batch this summer.  The bee operation is going to grow to 75 or so hives to hopefully meet all of the demand at the market for honey and to cover all of our back yard bee hive customers.  Our second year of doing pigs is going well with four pigs growing and tilling the garden.  More shiitake logs will be inoculated in the coming weeks!  Baking continues to move at full speed with Margaret considering more options.  Produce will be divided into a kitchen garden and the market garden this year with sunflowers occupying most of the land.  As you can see, we are looking forward to a lot of work and fun!