Monday, January 14, 2008

Bridge Building 101

Since we moved to the farm, the only way to get across Big Laurel Creek to the bulk of the property was to use a foot log or ford the creek. Having company almost always resulted in a visitor plunging into the creek from the foot log. We have remedied the situation by building our very own bridge that is large enough for lots of people, strollers, lawn mowers, four wheelers, and vehicles for the brave (it is quite narrow, but I drove the tractor across it as a test!).

The short video shows the new bridge on the day we did most of the work. Prior to the video, my 83 year old neighbor helped me get the locust trees out of the woods and onto the old bridge pilings last summer. I then leveled them up as best I could and spaced them for putting on the planks, which is about where this video begins.

Four Wheeler for Christmas

This blog has not really gone as planned, which was supposed to be a chronicle of life on Faith Mountain Farm. Let's try again. Much has happened since catching that bee swarm, but let's just fast forward to Christmas. The Casner Family blessed our family with a four wheeler for Christmas. Watch the video to see the boys' response. Look carefully at the four wheeler because it will never be as clean again after the past couple of weeks of riding!